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Rink Work Party
Final NM Referee Seminar
GCCC Hockey Season Reminder 2016-17
September 14, 2016   Hello Teams/Coaches, (Please...
2016/2017 LAHA Junior Varsity and Varsity Tryouts ($20)
Players in 9-12 grade: Registration for the 2016-2017 season...
Required Forms
Thank you for registering for the LAHA all Program in SF. Please...
Concussion Training
  Mandatory Concussion Training  New Mexico Coaches...
MANDATORY USAH Requirements For Volunteers
  Lori Hinojosa is LAHA's new SafeSport Coordinator....
LAHA Executive Board
The nomination process for the LAHA Executive Board is complete....
Rink Work Party

Let's have some fun!!



Reminder - Work Party:  Saturday, Sept 24th, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (ish)c

This is a time when we really need the membership - parents and players - to step up to ready the rink for the season!

Los Alamos Hockey Association is a web of fabulous volunteers.  We all work hard to execute a successful season of youth hockey once the ice is down.  But preseason is a time of tireless effort to ready the rink and equipment.  There are hundreds of tasks and these cannot be completed by a cast a few.  Instead we always need willing crews of many.


All the jobs are manual labor intensive.  Please bring gloves and proper clothing and footwear.  There will be limited gloves, hearing protection, and safety glasses.

There will be lunch and drinks available (yes, we need someone to grill burgers and dogs). 

If you can help in a specific manner - please contact me ASAP.

You can certainly bring sticks and balls for a few small games on the "empty" rink surface during breaks.

Dann Alison


email: dannalison60@gmail.com


by posted 09/20/2016
Final NM Referee Seminar


We have lost a couple of long-time veterans and our youth officials ranks have also shrunk. 
Simple formula:

No Officials = No Games

Please jump in and contribute to our successful programs.

The final 2016 NM seminar will be on OCTOBER 8th!
Santa Fe, GCCC on October 8th starting at 11:00 AM.
We will run a progressive schedule like last year where the level 1's come at 11:00 AM, Level 2"s come at 12:00 PM and the Level 3's at 1:00 PM. That allows us to do lunch for the level 1's and 2's. 
Testing for Level 2's and 3's will be from 4:00 PM until 4:30. That should give ample time to  be on the ice by 5:15 PM.
We will run the same format only the times will all be pushed back by 2 hours.
Ice time will be from 5:15 PM until 6:45 PM.

The general certification steps are below and the full process is described on the USA Hockey officials website.


Note: This step must be completed before an official can complete Seminar Registration, the Open Book Exam, or Online Education Modules.

2.    SAFE-SPORT TRAINING (if 18+ years old):

New since 2015-16: All officials must complete membership registration before attempting to register for a classroom seminar. Please confirm seats are available prior to attempting membership registration (the registration fee is non-refundable).

You will have to register for the seminar online because there will be no more walk ups accepted.

Call me with any questions.
Dann Alison
505 690-2429


by posted 09/20/2016
GCCC Hockey Season Reminder 2016-17

September 14, 2016


Hello Teams/Coaches, (Please forward this to everyone associated with your organizations)


To start our 2016-17 youth hockey season I wanted to send out this reminder about policies and procedures.


  • No curbside drop off for skaters under 11 years old, guardians must be present with skaters until the coach has arrived and takes over supervision and must be present when ice time ends
  • All skaters/patrons must stop at the front desk to check in, please be courteous to the front desk staff
  • Rentals that begin before or after facility hours – access/policies/procedures apply
  • All access to games or practices will be 30 minutes before scheduled on ice time
  • If the facility is open when your rental begins all access and exits must be through the front main entrance doors
  • Guardians are responsible for supervising their spectators and spectators must remain in the ice arena with guardians
  • No floor hockey / using of sticks off ice or in locker rooms (Safety and facility damage)
  • USA Hockey has rules and policies for Safe Sport/Locker Rooms/ Background Checks / On Ice Coaching
  • Locker rooms will be locked until a coach or authorized volunteer arrives and gets the key from the skate shop
  • Locker rooms should be left in the same condition as they were received, cleaning fees may apply if abused, staff may walk through with coaches if needed
  • Questions? Please contact me
  • Please see our GCCC Patron Code of Conduct below



GCCC Patron Code of Conduct

The Community Services Department strives to provide a friendly, safe and enjoyable family atmosphere for all patrons.

In order to maintain a pleasant environment, all patrons of the facility must refrain from the following list of infractions.

  • Actions interfering or disrupting the ability of staff to provide a safe, family environment.
  • Failure to follow staff directions.
  • No Alcohol, drugs or illegal substances allowed on GCCC property.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs resulting in even the slightest degree of impairment, or dealing or possession of illegal substances.
  • Use of foul, offensive or abusive language.
  • Harassment, intimidation or any other type of behavior that interferes with someone's ability to use the center, including sexual harassment and creating a hostile environment for others.
  • Any physical or violent altercation with another person or staff.
  • Bringing any type of weapon into the Center, or onto the grounds of the facility.
  • Disregarding posted rules and misuse and or abuse of facility equipment.
  • Causing physical damage to anyone's personal property.
  • Theft of property belonging to other patrons or staff.
  • Disruption of public or private activities.

This list should not be construed to be a complete list, but rather is representative of the types of behavior that are deemed to be unacceptable.

Staff of the Chavez Center is committed to ensuring that all patrons follow the Code of Conduct so that nothing interferes or disrupts their ability to provide a safe family environment.

When patrons fail to abide by the Code of Conduct staff may ask a patron to leave the facility for a set period of time, up to and including permanent suspension.

In the event that an individual fails to follow staff direction, the Santa Fe Police Department will be contacted for assistance.

Please be aware of and comply with all posted rules in the facility.


Thank you,


Tom Miller

Ice Arena Manager

Direct: 505-955-4031

Fax: 505-955-4090

Cell: 505-553-5888



by posted 09/14/2016
2016/2017 LAHA Junior Varsity and Varsity Tryouts ($20)

Players in 9-12 grade:

Registration for the 2016-2017 season Junior Varsity and Varsity tryouts is open.

Tryout fee does not apply to team fee.

The 2016/2017 Hilltopper Hockey tryouts will be held at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center in Santa Fe on two separate days. The tryout fee is $20 per player and includes both sessions. 

All players who intend to play Varsity or Junior Varsity hockey are required to attend at least one of the two sessions! 

In the event that a player has conflicts please contact Coach Brake to discuss options. 

Tryout Schedule:

  • Saturday, September 24, 2016, 8:30 am - 9:30 am
  • Saturday, October 1, 2016, 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Please complete online registration prior to September 24th.
USA Hockey registration is required.



by posted 09/09/2016
Required Forms

Thank you for registering for the LAHA all Program in SF. Please print out the following forms, fill them out, and bring them to the first practice...


The following forms must be completed by the appropriate individual and submitted to the team manager at the beginning of the current season:

Consent to Treat & Medical History Form (Each Player)

Player Code of Conduct (Each Player)

Participant Code of Conduct (Each Player)

Parent Code of Conduct (Each Parent)

Substance and Physical Abuse Policy (Each Player)


by posted 09/02/2016
Concussion Training
Mandatory Concussion Training 
New Mexico Coaches and Team Manages of "Travel Teams" and "High School Teams" are required to complete Concussion Training. Please go to 

by posted 09/02/2016
MANDATORY USAH Requirements For Volunteers


Lori Hinojosa is LAHA's new SafeSport Coordinator. Please read the following and complete the necessary steps before Sept 1, 2016 or interaction with children. 


Volunteer Requirements

LAHA Adult Volunteer registration is open and ready for the 2016-17 season- volunteers must register- it's free.

USAH requires volunteers to have a background screening as well as SafeSport Training (takes about 2 hrs.) prior to any volunteer activity.

These are mandatory, and are good for two years. If you completed a SafeSport training two years ago, then you only need to complete the refresher course this year (not as long as initial training).

If you are someone who falls with in the listed positions below, please complete these items ASAP.

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST- there are links and instructions you must follow.

Per the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program Handbook those who need to be screened include:

1. Members of the LAHA Board of Directors

2. Local program administrators

3. Coaches

4. Team managers

5. Officials (over 18)

6. Locker room monitors

7. Team drivers (unless professional transportation companies are used)

8. Travel chaperones

9. Anyone with regular, routine or frequent access to youth participants

We may require that additional persons be screened.


Please check to see if your name appears onhttp://www.newmexicohockey.org/page/show/829216-good-to-go the "Good To Go" list first.

Screenings are good for 2 years, and you may have been cleared for this season already from a previous screening. Only proceed if your name doesn't appear on the list or if it is in RED.

Screenings cost a considerable amount of money, please only do them every two years.

If your name doesn't appear, please proceed to the link below, this part is very quick.

The website is: https://loeaha.volunteerportal.net/    password: hockeyiscool

Please remember, the background screenings can take 2 - 4 business days, and then have to be manually entered on the LOEAHA site. Therefore, should you not see your name on the list after 4 days, please email me directly before running another unnecessary screening.


This part takes a couple of hours, but is required. Remember, you do the initial training with a subsequent 'refresher' course every two years.

First, you must register as coach, referee, or volunteer on the USAH website, a membership number is required for the training. https://www.usahockeyregistration.com/login_input.action

Once registration has been completed, then please proceed to the SafeSport training page.


Please keep a copy of your training certificate for your records.


by posted 08/29/2016
LAHA Executive Board

The nomination process for the LAHA Executive Board is complete. Renee Dunwoody, Kathi Fisher, and Jeff Goettee were up for reelection. Three positions were open, all three agreed to run again, and we received no new nominations. Therefore, no voting is necessary. This is the elected executive board, by default. 


Kevin Brake

Renee Dunwoody

Kathi Fisher

Jeff Goettee

Susan Oldham

by posted 08/09/2016
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